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8 Services Entertainment Lawyers Provide

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Entertainment lawyers are an essential part of the entertainment industry. If you are thinking about a career as an entertainer, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these attorneys’ services.

1. Negotiating Contracts

Rather than being an employee of a specific company, many people in the entertainment industry are contractors. This means that every time they finish one job and start another, they need to negotiate the terms of a new contract. An attorney, such as John Branca, can help you negotiate the terms of your agreement to ensure you receive fair compensation. Your attorney can also help you negotiate other terms of the contract, such as how much creative control you have over a project.

2. Providing Advice

An entertainment lawyer can help you decipher any legal issues that may affect your employment, such as child labor laws. Your lawyer can also help you with financial matters, such as paying your taxes. A lawyer can help you make sure you comply with any union or guild rules.

3. Networking

Getting your foot in the door with the right people is a big part of succeeding in the entertainment industry. An entertainment attorney with a good reputation should have some valuable industry contacts who may be able to help you get jobs or manage your career.

An entertainment attorney has years of good rapport and recognition. So, when a new artist joins the industry, it is crucial for the artist to hire a reasonable attorney, to present himself in the best possible way. Networking is an essential aspect as getting the deal is a significant task. Unless and until you network correctly, managers, directors, producers, composers won’t consider you. Your lawyer must demonstrate proper knowledge and mastery to manage your contacts and deals in the future, for renewal, or contract disposal.

4. Protecting Intellectual Property

Whether you are creating your intellectual property or using someone else’s property in your work, you will likely need some legal advice. Failing to protect your IP adequately can cost you money or lead to people using your work in a way you did not intend. Improperly using someone else’s IP can get you sued.

5. Aid in Marketing and Merchandising

An entertainment lawyer undoubtedly has a vast and the best knowledge regarding the entertainment industry. You get assistance in a myriad of sectors in the entertainment industry. Entertainment lawyers not only give opinions but also provide aid in marketing and merchandising. They form legal agreements related to marketing, pr of an artist. Merchandising is also an important aspect. Artists in the entertainment industry may nor may not how much tax to pay. Entertainment lawyers help you to pay the tax and fulfill other relevant criteria.

6. Getting the Deal

Before negotiating a deal, comes getting the deal and cracking it. Entertainment lawyers have years of expertise and knowledge with issues of the industry. Getting a place or a studio or an agreement signed is a tricky aspect. The task of the lawyer is to ease the signing and sealing of the deal. A good entertainment lawyer works so that the contract is equally great for both parties. Moreover, lawyers keep a constant tab of how the contract or the deal is materializing. Hence, balancing the tasks.

7. Dealing with Legal Issues like Defamation

 Dealing with legal issues is essential. When you are a new artist, you may not know how to deal with legal problems, that’s when entertainment lawyers step in. When you are at the peak of your fame and success, entertainment lawyers become extensively crucial. Many legal issues need to be tackled methodically.

A lot of artists face defamation cases and false allegations. In this case, the image of the artist gets hampered. Hence, this lowers the stardom and fame of the artist. Issuing a public statement, attending court, and maintaining a healthy and reputable image of the artist are an entertainment lawyer’s tasks. Filing a case or petition against a company, brand, or artist who has caused defamation is one of an entertainment lawyer’s critical tasks.

8. Personal Rights

As an artist, you tend to have a lot of personal rights than you did ever imagine. To protect your rights, you must hire an entertainment lawyer. Your name and image are valuable commodities. When any brand or company uses the name of an artist without any contract or deal, this infringes on the artist’s right. Several aspects and legitimacies can overlap, such as the right to publicity, privacy, etc. An entertainment lawyer’s task is to deal with such issues and oblige with the artist’s rights.

Entertainment attornies provide a variety of valuable services to people who work in the entertainment industry. Familiarizing yourself with these services is a good career move for anyone working in the industry.

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