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Best Ways to Integrate WordPress with Instagram

by Gloria Warden
Integrate WordPress with Instagram

WordPress is one of the robust platforms, which has an array of themes and plugins that has enabled millions of users to create websites that are not only beautiful but also functional. However, the best feature that WordPress has is the potential for integrating with other services that are available online. This is why many businesses prefer integrating their WordPress with Instagram accounts. Instagram has grown successfully over the years. The Instagram family started growing from 50 million users to almost 500 million in the year 2016. Considering the scenario now, the user base has increased to almost 1 billion. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most attractive platforms where you can share photos and build a huge number of followers. It is wise to take advantage of the potential of Instagram by integrating WordPress with it. This also helps in promoting your Instagram account.

Advantages of integrating WordPress with Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly an addictive and popular social media network, which has made it extremely easy to share your moments in the form of videos and images. A great way in which you can benefit is by integrating Instagram into the WordPress site that you have. Given below is a list of advantages that you should have proper knowledge of.

  • It helps in increasing your brand awareness to a great extent.
  • It encourages the followers to share all your content.
  • It is one of the best ways of building credibility with the help of the videos and photos.
  • Building relationships on both the professional and personal level with the followers have never been easier.
  • You can raise awareness of different activities and products.

Listed below are the five ways in which WordPress can be integrated with Instagram.

Using the built-in embeds

WordPress offers many functional embeds when you have started building your website. For example, you have the opportunity to embed YouTube videos or tweets. This unique functionality is also available for the Instagrammers. The only thing that you have to do is concentrate on getting direct URLs of the photos or videos, which you wish to include.

After that, you can post the photograph on any page or post as per your wishes. The easiest and simplest manner of doing this is by visiting Instagram on your desktop and search for a photograph there. As soon as you get the URL, you can post it on any page or post. When you publish that particular page or post, it will turn into an Instagram photo.

Using the embed shortcode

Another method that you can use is another built-in feature of WordPress, which is known as the embed shortcode. It is more advantageous; as compared to including the raw URL in a particular post, you can control the height and width of your embedded image. It is true that you require the URL of the picture that you want to post. After getting the URL, you have the option of including it in any part of your post or a particular page along with the shortcode. The shortcode will be like:

This is one of the simplest ways in which you can add photos to your posts, and you can even adjust the width and height of the images according to your choice.

Using the Instagram Widget

A popular and interesting method that most of the people prefer for integrating WordPress with Instagram is by using a plug-in, which is capable of displaying a number of pictures from the Instagram accounts of the users. The pictures are displayed on any widget area of the WordPress site. The plug-in that can be used is called the Instagram Slider Widget.

This plug-in can be used in an easy and simple manner. The best part is that there is no requirement of complicated parameters before you start working with it. You have to provide the Instagram username and you need to keep in mind that the username can belong to someone else as well. This username will be used for fetching the best photos that are there on the account. The widget has many cool options as well. You have the freedom to choose the manner in which you want the photos. For example, you can display them as thumbnails or use sliders for showing only one picture at a particular time. If you need real Instagram likes then must visit https://gramblast.com. It’s a great platform to earn unique and authentic likes.

Displaying the “follow me” block

Most people already have the “follow me” buttons for their Twitter on the WordPress blog. Therefore, it is time that you get a similar “Follow Me” block for your Instagram. You can easily achieve this with the help of a plug-in, which is known as the Instagram Followers Widget. The appearance of this widget is similar to the Facebook fan widgets, which is something interesting.

Importing the photos from Instagram entirely

Many people make use of WordPress for backing up their Instagram gallery and thereby store the photos on the web server. This is considered to be a perfect choice if you are interested in making the Instagram photos a part of the blog posts on WordPress. In this manner, you have the freedom to write elaborate descriptions for each and every photograph that you upload. This can be done with the help of the DsgnWrks Instagram Importer Plug-in. This plug-in is known to work with the pages, posts, and the custom taxonomies. This plug-in also works with the Instagram videos, which is actually great.


IFTTT is a unique service, which helps you to create connections with the help of a single statement, “If This Then That.” This permits you to create different actions that are based on the triggers. This is also referred to as a recipe, which means that WordPress posts will be created every time a new content is received on Instagram.


It is extremely easy to post photos on Instagram and now, it has become easier to use the WordPress plugins for getting these Instagram photos on the blog posts. This has allowed businesses to interact with their followers and significantly helped in increasing the number of followers that they have.

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