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Google Play Store Alternatives in 2020

Google Play a store is a fantastic platform for various kind of applications, but sometimes we need some other options.

Today I will tell you about some of the best alternatives to Google Play Store where can find an application with a simple and easy way of downloading it. Although, Google play store has a vast collection of almost Three million Android software. Mostly Games and applications are free there.

You may ask this question;

Then why anyone will be interested in any other application store?

The answer is simple;

Well, the answer is no doubt Google play store is providing a vast number of Applications for Android users. But some applications cannot be downloaded on play store because we can’t find them there.

So sometimes, there is a possibility that you may need some application and do not see there. In that case, you have to find the best alternatives, and I am here to sort out that problem for you.

And what about security;

Well, yes security is a big question if we are looking for the alternatives for the Google Play Store. We have to compete in every aspect, and it’s true that some of the stores do not provide the best security for its users.  As there are thousands of applications stores present at the moment so I will choose best of the best Android software stores for you.

Means you are out of worry if you use the alternative stores that I am going to suggest.

Are they also mostly free to use like Google Play store:

Well, definitely yes guys. We are not going to spend a single penny on some applications they do not deserve. That’s what you would be telling yourself not all some of you haha.

Jokes are apart, but it is a big thing. Applications will be mostly free. It is one of the reason that why you should use these application and game stores.

Android app store alternative for Google Playstore

Here is the list of some of the best of best android app stores where you can find best and free games easily. Plus the interface of this app store is user-friendly.

This list is also based on keeping in mind about security and best features for the users. So feel free to use any of the application stores listed below.



After the Play Store, the highly recommend store is Aptoide. Aptoide is at the top in most of the best alternative research list. And it came in 2009.

You can get all kind of games and application mostly at Aptoide. This store is fully free to use for its users. One main thing why I am recommending it because of the high tight security and best features.

It has a collection of more than 800,000 applications and games. Because of their best features and high security, it has more than 150 million users, and these numbers are increasing day by day.

Aptoide can be used both on Computer, as it has a website and on any Android device.



APKMirror, the next big name. It has been competing on the list for a long time and has given a tough time no doubt. That’s why It has gained good respect and trust. Mostly the developers who upload their software also list their apps on APKMirror.

  • Plus point: Like other app stores, it has a vast number of applications and games, but the plus point is you can find any version of the software. For example, you downloaded an app after a long time and did not like its new version so you have the chance that you can download its previous or old version. Unlike Google Play Store that does not provide this feature.
  • Negative point: Well, you cannot install any application from here. You can use anything online. You should have an internet connection and a browser to browse the store.

AIO Downloader

AIO Downloader

AIO Downloader is in the list for the years. It is very popular because of its so many features. You can not only find applications but songs, movies. It covers many things. As it keeps you update because of exciting information with the passage of time. That is why it is called ALL IN ONE (AIO) downloader.

First, there were rumors about its safety, but with the passage of time, it proved to the safest store. It has an excellent security wall. But I will recommend you to download its app from an authentic source such as Play Store.

Ac Market

Ac Market

Well, this store is not very well known, but it has reasons to be on the list. It is lightweight means you can use it on low-end devices.

It is simple and neat. The developer of this store is App Cake. And they update it regularly.

It can be installed on any android device. Its design is like Google Play store, but you can download many other applications that you can’t download on Google Play Store.


Amazon App Store

We all know about Amazon. In case you don’t know let me tell you it is the largest online store. Always be on top of online e-commerce stores.

That was some info. Let’s come back to the topic. Amazon has developed its application store since it manufactures Android phones too specially named Amazon Fire Devices.  If you have ever used Amazon fire devices, then you might know that it does not have Google Play Store instead it uses its store named Amazon App Store.

It has a lot of applications. It had gained its popularity from its Amazon Fire devices. And it is also recommended by some experts because of its stronger security.

It is both Web-based and app-based app store.


You can use any of these alternatives. These will provide you best apps and high security.

Writing is my passion, and I hope you enjoyed my passion. And if you have any other best alternative that you think should be on the list. Just let me know.

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