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6 Instagram Growth Hacking Techniques

by Gloria Warden
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Instagram is the world’s top-ranking social media platform today, with over 500 million daily users of the platform the world over. Whether you are a social media influencer or a business, growing on Instagram is a goal that many run after.

Two things need to be remembered here:

First, the kind of growth that we are talking about here is phenomenal. It is not about getting a few hundred or thousand followers; it is about attracting millions to your Instagram handle.

The second aspect is about the way to get these followers. The thing is that you can use cash to buy followers, but the challenge here is to grow your followers astronomically without spending a dime. Or, if you have to spend, it should be as little as possible.

 6 Instagram Growth Hack Techniques

  • Optimize the Use of Hashtags

If your Insta handle has less than one hundred thousand followers, make it a habit of using hashtags on your posts and photos. Posts that have hashtags in the header have been found to do exceptionally well vis-a-vis than the ones that do not have hashtags.

What is the relevance of hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are used for categorizing the posts on your handle. Think of it like keywords on Google.

Better and smarter use of hashtags can get you more visitors. In fact, it is one of the most widely used tools to reach out to a target audience on Instagram.

One piece of advice in terms of usage of a hashtag that proves to be invaluable is – using a branded hashtag, you can look at increasing awareness about your brand.

But, be very careful when using hashtags. More than 30 is not allowed per post, and the use of more hashtags can also reduce the effectiveness of the post. There is a balance that you are expected to follow and maintain. It is ideal for keeping the number of hashtags between 5 and 10 per image.

  • Videos Have the Power to Pull Phenomenal Response from Followers

Videos are amazing and have high potential to generate interest in the audience. Did you know that videos get shared 1200% more as compared to static images and texts? Videos are most effective because the human brain can process visuals at least 60,000 times faster than text.

You need to remember here that Instagram usually goes into hiding likes. So, visitors to your posts will typically look at the shares and views to understand the credibility of the profile.

Using a trusted online video editor can do wonders for your post. Often, it is making a video that becomes a headache! It takes time, and the process can get too tedious. But when you have the right video editor, half of your worries are over in an instant.

  • Tie Up with Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most distinctive aspects of Instagram. You can go ahead and seek help from a micro-influencer in your niche.

Who are micro-influencers? These are Instagram users who have about 50,000 followers. If you approach the big-timers in the social media influencer industry, you might have to pay quite a handsome amount of money, which at times may not be the most viable option.

Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are people who are working hard to grow their followers. You can approach them with a collaboration idea that does not cost you too much, financially.

Often, the micro-influencers are generous enough to talk and promote your product or post on Instagram instead of a nominal amount, or freebies or even free-of-charge.

How to look for influencers who can work with you?

  • You can search for top content in your niche, or look search using hashtags.
  • You can search from posts where you are tagged.
  • Search online for leading micro-influencers in your vertical.

Why is using influential marketing a growth hacking technique?

Remember, their followers in their network highly regard micro-influencers. They are seen to be genuine and approachable. Hence, a good word from their end can be like a blessing for your brand!

  • For Online stores, the Use of Shoppable Posts on Instagram is a Rocking Idea

A big disadvantage of Instagram is that you are not allowed to share links, unlike Facebook or Twitter. So, if you have products to sell, you would need to update the Instagram bio URL every time you upload a post.

Instead, use the shoppable post feature on Instagram. Using this feature, you can easily show your product photos and videos and tag them as well with your online store.

Shoppable posts have a bag icon at the lower-left corner. When visitors click on the bag, they can see the product catalog and directly visit the product page at the store.

  • Focus on Story Highlights

One of the best ways to drive growth on Instagram is to use the Story Highlight Feature in the bio. Doing this pushes the stories to the top of the profile.

Why should you be doing this? Because your Instagram bio can only take about 150 characters! Where do you put the rest of the interesting anecdotes about yourself? It is in the Story Highlights section, for sure.

  • Take Advantage of Reels

Tik Tok is a big craze, and to counter its popularity, Instagram has introduced its very own version of making short videos called Reels.

What can you do with Reels? You can show your creativity and prepare short-format videos that are entertaining and post it on your Insta profile. You can also use the Instagram video editor to further create alluring reels.

You can also choose to go in for live streaming on your profile to create more interest and enhance engagement with your followers.


Instagram is a powerful social media platform. If harnessed efficiently, it can easily connect you to millions of followers. All you need to do is some clever planning and persistence. Following these rules, along with some hard work, will lead you towards success.

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